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Cheer Challenge

2018 Cheer Challenge Winners: 

Grand Prize Winners: Waunakee High School Girls Swim Team

2018 Cheer Challenge Winners: 

Grand Prize         $1,500  Waunakee High School Girls Swim Team

1st Place               $1,000 West High School Girls Swim Team

2nd Place              $500 Movin’Shoes & West High School Girls Cross Country Team

3rd Place               $250 November Project

3rd Place               $250 West High School Boys Cross Country Team

Race Director Spirit Award  goes to….. $200 Madison Memorial Girls Cross Country Team

Get to know more about your 2018 Aid Station Cheer Challenge Groups!

West High Boy’s Cross Country

The Madison West Boys Cross Country Team is pleased to staff Aid Station #1 at this year’s Madison Mini-Marathon. The team is made up of 85 – 100 boys in 9th – 12th grade. The boys work toward common goals of team and individual improvement in the areas of fitness, health, leadership and community service. We strive to be an inclusive team that welcomes anyone interested running cross country; a sport where hard work is rewarded with positive race results and where life-long friendships are forged.

Madison Memorial Girl’s Cross Country

The MMCC high school team has volunteered since the start of the Madison Mini showing their commitment to the community for eight straight years. These hard working and dedicated athletes will use the prize money to support their transportation budget.

Movin’ Shoes & West High School Girl’s Cross-Country

Madison’s own running specialty store, Movin’ Shoes, will be joining Madison West Girl’s Cross Country team this year at the mile 5 aid station. Both organizations are committed to building Madison’s running and walking community through volunteerism and race participation.

Madison Memorial Girl’s Cross Country

The MMCC high school team has volunteered since the start of the Madison Mini showing their commitment to the community for eight straight years. These hard working and dedicated athletes will use the prize money to support their transportation budget.

November Project-Madison 

November Project™ offers free social, outdoor workouts every week all around the world in order to increase human connection, improve mental and physical health among both adults and youth, teach the public about fitness and health, improve communities throughout the world, and bring people of all different background, ages, cultures, communities, and fitness levels together. This movement is about more than just free workouts. It is about satisfying the ever-increasing need for human connection in the face of rampant technology, declining health, and global instability. It is about promoting healthy lifestyle choices. But none of it matters if we’re not having fun. In Madison, we meet every Wednesday at the top of Bascom Hill and every Friday at the State Capitol Steps by the Lady Forward Statue at 6:28 am. How can you join? Simple…just show up!

Memorial High School Boy’s Cross Country.

The Madison Memorial Boy’s Cross Country team serves 80+ athletes each fall season. The team consists of 9th-12th graders with varying levels of running experience. Throughout the season they work towards the common goal of running a 5k race at the best of their ability. Along the way many friends are made and life lessons are learned. They hope to bring this enthusiasm to running to the mini-marathon course. If they received a monetary gift it would go towards equipment that could be used to help strengthen athletes and prevent injuries.

West High School Girl’s Swimming Team

Split the V and dot that I curve that C-TORY!” We are the Madison West Regents Women’s Swim Team and we want a victory for you and us! We’ll be near the end of the course with water to help you finish the race, and you can vote to help us get first place! We’re hard at work so we can’t be beat and we need that money to get us to our meets! We’ll always rep the royal blue and maize, vote for us and we will give you all our praise. Any prize money will be used to lower the cost of team funds, transportation to meets, and equipment to help us increase the intensity of our training. Go Regents!

 Stoughton Theatre Arts

Stoughton High School Theatre Arts, is a proud member of the Stoughton High School Performing Arts collaborative. The primary goal of the organization is to provide a welcoming and nurturing environment for students to express themselves through performing and visual arts. Each year, they produce a full length musical and play as well as a popular dinner theatre production.The group is composed of at least 100 students participating in all aspects of theatre arts including acting, direction and design. The group is very excited to volunteer for the first time at the Madison Mini-Marathon.

 Waunakee High School Girl’s Swimming Team

We are the Waunakee High School Girls Swim Team and we are here to cheer you on all the way to the finish line!!  We know the end of a race can be the hardest part, so we are excited to be towards the end with water, encouragement and the positive energy you need to achieve your goal and finish this race!!  Remember to vote for us!!  Any prize money we receive will go towards new equipment to improve our pool, team suits and support our swim team sponsored community events like youth night at the pool! Our swim family thrives on building each teammate up to be the best in and out of the water and we are happy you are a part of our swim family today…GO WARRIORS!!  Be ready for the energy at station 9 because we are ready for you!!

Fleet Feet Sports Madison Miler-In-Training

The Miler-in-Training program was created by Jessica Anderson, co-owner of Fleet Feet Sports Madison, her brother Matt Groose and his wife, Molly Groose in 2008. In addition to running, this training program includes a health education component and is specifically targeted for kids. During the program, kids learn about health-related topics ranging from nutrition to hygiene and complete running workouts to prepare them for their final one-mile race. Fleet Feet Sports Madison is committed to procuring funds to continue this life-changing program.