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Mini Route Information


2015 Route Info coming soon!

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Start: Lake Street & Langdon Street
NE on Langdon
SE on Wisconsin
SW on Mifflin
West on State Street
South on Lake
West on Dayton
North on Randall
West on Engineering
South on Breese Terrace
East on Little
NE on Monroe
South on Randall
West on Chandler St.
South on Garfield
SW on Vilas Ave.
East on Vilas Park Dr.
East on Wingra
South on Mills
West on Arboretum Drive
North on Seminole Highway
NE on Manitou Way
North on Nakoma Road
NE on Monroe
North on Glenway Street
NE on Speedway Blvd
North on Highland
East on Van Hise        
North on Allen St.
West on University
North on Walnut
SE on Path Howard Temin Lakeshore Trail/Willow Drive
South on Park
East on Langdon
Finish: on Langdon in front of UW Union


Medical support during the BMO Harris Bank Madison Mini-Marathon & 5K presented by UW Health will be provided by medical professionals. Medical assistance will be available at each aid station along the route providing medical assistance as needed. A fully-equipped medical facility will be located near the finish line provided by the University of Wisconsin Department of Emergency Medicine. Participants requiring medical assistance may be transported to one of the nearby hospitals, and will be billed by the hospital and ambulance provider. Participants must give on-scene medical personnel the freedom to determine which facility will be utilized.

IMPORTANT: Each participant must complete the medical information form on the back of your bib number. Please take time to fill out your medical information and provide emergency contact information. This will make your important health care information available to health care professionals in the event you are unable to communicate with them.

FLAG WARNING SYSTEM:There will be a simple flag color system along the Madison Mini course to help warn participants of weather or course related problems. Flags will be located at each Mile Marker and Aid Station along the course.

Green Flag: Everything is normal.

Yellow Flag: The heat index is at a point that runners/walkers should slow down and drink plenty of water.

Red Flag: Dangerous weather.  Runners and walkers should slow down and take plenty of water. Timing of the event has stopped and no awards will be given out at this time.

Black Flag: Race has been cancelled due to extreme weather or course emergency. Events such as lightning, tornado or human disaster have or are occurring and all participants need to seek shelter immediately.

How do I know if the flag is changed?

There will be 3 short air horn blasts every 30 seconds at each mile marker to notify runners the flags have been changed. In addition to the Flag Warning System and notification of change at all Mile Markers via air horns and colored flags, Pace Team Leaders will adjust their pace accordingly. In the event of a flag change, Pace Team Leaders will slow their speed and encourage runners around them to slow down and drink plenty of water. At this time, the race no longer has Pace Teams and Leaders will drop their signs and monitor pace for safety.

MILE MARKERS & SPLIT TIMES Each mile marker will have a large display clock that will indicate the running time of the event. These display clocks will show the time from the official start of the race, not your personal ?time?. A system has been developed to display the mile marker sign, clock and colored warning flag As you go by each mile, you will see an information station providing you with the status of the race. As you look at this station, you will know where you are on the course, the official race time and race conditions.

Mile Marker

COURSE ENTERTAINMENT The Madison Mini-Marathon course features more than 15 entertainment groups ranging from spirit squads, school bands, and local bands.

WATER AND GATORADE AID STATIONS There will be 10 aid stations along the course and at the start/finish. All Aid Stations on the course, will have a medical personnel and portable toilets located near each location.

AID STATION LOCATIONS  Mile 1.75,Mile 3.25,Mile 4.75,Mile 6.2,Mile 7.5,Mile 8.75,Mile 9.9,Mile 10.75,Mile 11.25,Mile 12.2

MISTING STATION LOCATIONSMile 8.4, Mile 9.5,Mile 10.2, Mile 10.75, Mile 12.2

RESTROOM FACILITIES Portable toilets will be added in locations throughout the course. The portable toilets will be located at each aid station.

COURSE CLOSINGS For your safety and for the timely reopen of the streets to vehicular traffic, you must reach key locations by specified times or you will be required to take transportation provided. Partial lane closures will be utilized. Please stay inside the cones and obey all public safety officers and course marshals. PLEASE DO NOT START EARLY! Traffic and safety rules prohibit early starts. Early starters will be eliminated from the Official Results. If you cannot maintain an 16-minute per mile pace, you will be required to board the support buses.SAG (SUPPORT) WAGON AND BACK OF THE PACK CREW The Back of the Pack Crew and SAG Wagon will signify the end of the field and the maximum 16-minutes per mile pace. They will not start timing until the last person crosses the start line and will be with you throughout the race. If you cannot keep pace, the Crew will help you as you board the SAG Wagon.