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Pace Teams


Fleet Feet Sports Madison will be providing the Fleet Feet Pacing Team, sponsored by Brooks, for the 2016 Madison Mini-Marathon. Eight goal finish time groups will be offered with two pacers leading the group to finish at the target time.

All Mini-Marathon Participants will be able to meet the Pacers at the Mini-Marathon Expo on Friday, August 19th between 12 and 8pm. For planning purposes, those Mini-Marathon participants who wish to run with a pace group will be encouraged to register for that pace group at the Expo. The Pacers will have a dedicated booth at the expo and once signed up, participants will be provided with a pacing bib identifying them as part of that pace group.

The same pacers will also be the pace-group leaders for the Sunday long runs with the Fleet Feet Sports Mini-Marathon Training program between June and August. Participants must sign up for the training program in order to train with the pacers.

On race day the 8 pace groups will be clearly labeled in the starting corrals. Once participants find the appropriate corral they will queue up for the start. All Pacers will be in the appropriate corral by 6:45 am.

If you have any questions please contact Matt Anderson at Fleet Feet Sports

*In addition to the Flag Warning System and notification of change at all Mile Markers via air horns and colored flags, Pace Team Leaders will adjust their pace accordingly. In the event of a flag change, Pace Team Leaders will slow their speed and encourage runners around them to slow down and drink plenty of water. At this time, the race no longer has Pace Teams and Leaders will drop their signs and monitor pace for safety.*


2:45 (12:12 min/mile):

Mary Moran


2:30 (11:27 min/mile):

Chris Borchardt

If you want to chat about the Brewers or the Badgers for a few hours, run along with Chris.  Or just listen to Chris as he sets the pace for you to finish upright and smiling at 2:30.  Chris is an experienced pacer at both the half and full marathon.

Ben Udell

2:20 (10:41 min/mile):

Madeline Fisher

Hometown: Portland, OR
Number of Half Marathons: 10 to 12
Typical Training Pace: 10:30 per mile
Fun (non-running) Fact About Me: I took jazz dance lessons in teh 8th grade from Matt Lattanzi, a dancer who met Olivia Newton John on teh set of Xanadu and became her first husband.
Pre-race Rituals: None, really, other than I always have one cups of coffee and a bowl of granola with milk for breakfast.  Or does imagining that I have to go to the bathroom when I really don't count?
Best Running Advice: Goals are good, but don't get too focused on goals or times in your running.  You will become a bit tiresome to others and you won't enjoy running as much, in my opinion.
Running Goals or Dreams: To run as long as I can.  I'm turning 50 at the end of July!
Why do you run? Mainly becasue I still can, but also to de-stress, hang out with friends and, to be able to eat ice-cream guilt-free.
Occupation: Writer/editor
Hobbies: Running ;-) Reading, Hiking.  Seeing music shows, especially outside in the summer.  Singing in my car.  Lounging around. Binge-watching old TB shows and seeing movies.
Any Other Related Information: Just happy to be doing a half marathon again after pulling a calf muscle in February and being unable to run for about 6 weeks.

Patrick Gorski


2:10 (9:55 min/mile):

Megan Gibson

Megan Gibson
Hometown: Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin
Why do you run? I run because I enjoy it. When I run by myself for myself I use the time to clear my head and when I run with a group to chat with adults.
Personal Goals:  Keep running as long as I possibly can.
Occupation: Stay at Home Mom and Yoga Assistant.
Best Running Advice: Remember that you started running for a reason, but always keep it fun.

Hank Bodette


2:00 (9:10 min/mile):

Kelly Thompson

Kelly Thompson

If you have been to any races in the Madison area in the last few years, you have probably seen Kelly out there encouraging people while running with them.  He is like a little pacing machine and will get you to a 2 hour finish, just like last year at the Mini!

Stacy Hastings
Stacy has been a leading pacer at our training groups and will help you cross the finish line at 2:00 this year.  Stacy knows the in's and out's of race day, so ask her for advice on anything from motivation to keeping the pace.

Asuka Eguchi

1:50 (8:24 min/mile):

Katie Mace

Hometown: Middleton, Wisconsin
Why do you run? Mostly for "me" time
Personal Goals: To get back to a sub 3:30 marathon
Occupation: I'm a stay at home mom of 3 and I work part time at Fleet Feet
Best Running Advice: Enjoy! Smile and have fun. Remember, you like this.
Susan Fischer

1:40 (7:38 min/mile):

Brandon Fernen


Andrew Porn

Andrew Porn
Hometown: Madison, WI
Why do you run? I run for the health benefit and it relaxes me.
Personal Goals: Qualify for Kona one day
Occupation: Civil Engineer
Best Running Advice: Enjoy the moment, don't stress over little things and listen to your body

1:30 (6:52 min/mile):

Isthmus VIP Experience