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Pace Teams


Fleet Feet Sports Madison will be providing the Fleet Feet Pacing Team, sponsored by Brooks, for the 2014 Madison Mini-Marathon. Five goal finish time groups will be offered with two pacers leading the group to finish at the target time.

All Mini-Marathon Participants will be able to meet the Pacers at the Mini-Marathon Expo on Friday, August 16 between 12 and 8pm.  For planning purposes, those Mini-Marathon participants who wish to run with a pace group will be encouraged to register for that pace group at the Expo. The Pacers will have a dedicated booth at the expo and once signed up, participants will be provided with a pacing bib identifing them as part of that pace group.       

The same pacers will also be the pace-group leaders for the Sunday long runs with the Fleet Feet Sports Mini-Marathon Training program between June 3 and August 11. Participants must sign up for the training program in order to train with the pacers.   

On race day the 5 pace groups will be clearly labeled in the starting corals. Once participants find the appropriate corral they will cue up for the start. All Pacers will be in the appropriate corral by 6:45 am.  

If you have any questions please contact Matt Anderson at Fleet Feet Sports

*In addition to the Flag Warning System and notification of change at all Mile Markers via air horns and colored flags, Pace Team Leaders will adjust their pace accordingly. In the event of a flag change, Pace Team Leaders will slow their speed and encourage runners around them to slow down and drink plenty of water. At this time, the race no longer has Pace Teams and Leaders will drop their signs and monitor pace for safety.*  



2:30 (11:27 min/mile):

Samuel Feria Luce   

Samuel Feria LuceHometown: Mexico City
Pre Race Ritual: Make a bracelet with the information of the water stations, aid stations and bathrooms for the race.
Number of Half Marathons: 5
Fun Fact: I perform Aztec dances.
Best Running Advice: For the long runs try to drink water at the mile marks where they will provide it on the race case you need extra water then. This way  you can be prepared.

Aaron Hizon 

Aaron HizonHometown: Sheboygan, WI
Occupation: Accounting Analyst at Kohler Company-Engines Division
Fun Fact: I’m currently in training towards running the Twin Cities Marathon in October. I’ve recently changed my focus from half marathons to full marathons with the ultimate goal of eventually qualifying and running the Boston Marathon.  I was a sprinter in high school (100m, 200m) and didn’t really get into longer distance running until my last year in College when I participated in Crazy Legs in Madison.

2:20 (10:41 min/mile):

Clare Graham

Clare GrahamHometown: Middleton, WI
Number of Half Marathons: 4
Fun Fact: I recently acquired 3 chickens!
Best Running Advice: Get your form checked out – I can’t believe the difference working on my form has made!


Mike Ursin

Mike UrsinHometown: Freeport, IL
Hobbies: Cooking, eating, travelling, gardening, spending time with friends and family, enjoying rest days, and the Wisconsin Badgers
Fun Fact: I started running during the summer of 2006 when I was training to try out for drum major of the UW Marching Band. I hated running until that point. I slowly gained an appreciation for running, got into better shape, and eventually lost more than 50 pounds and have not looked back since.

2:10 (9:55 min/mile):

Megan Gibson

Megan GibsonHometown: Green Bay, WI
Number of Half Marathons: 5
Fun Fact: I own a 5 foot metal rooster that hangs out in our backyard staring into the dining room
Best Running Advice: Stay present in the moment and enjoy it.

Brad Wagner

Brad WagnerHometown: Middleton, WI
Number of Half Marathons: 7
Fun Fact: I've run the Mini twice before, finishing with exactly idential times
Best Running Advice: Have a purpose in mind before every run you do. In each week, don’t run with the same purpose twice.

2:00 (9:10 min/mile):

Stephanie Whittingham

Stephanie WhittinghamHometown: Atlanta, GA
Number of Half Marathons: 10
Fun Fact: I ran with Dean Karnazes in Green Bay in 2006 when he was running 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days.
Best Running Advice: Running is a journey. It has its ups and downs. Stick with it though because it is worth it to be able to run not only for competition but for fun throughout your life.

Juan Vergara

Juan VergaraHometown: Madison, WI
Pre Race Ritual: wake up at 5am, hydrate, go back to sleep
Number of Half Marathons: 4
Fun Fact: I’m originally from Bogota, Colombia
Best Running Advice: Cross-train to keep injuries away

1:50 (8:24 min/mile):

Curtis Hall

Curtis HallHometown: Thunder Bay, Ontario
Number of Half Marathons: 5
Fun Fact About Me: I have never met anyone who can say the alphabet backwards faster then me
Best Running Advice: For the first half of a race, don’t be an idiot. For the second half, don’t be a wimp.

Andy Craven

Andy CravenHometown: Wausau, Wisconsin
Number of Half Marathons: 5
Fun Fact About Me: I went to college in Boston and ran the Boston Marathon twice
Best Running Advice: The key to recovery is foam rolling and ice baths

1:40 (7:38 min/mile):

Sean Hatley

Seant HatleyHometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Number of Half Marathons: 15
Fun Fact: I used to teach Aerobatics (stunt planes)
Best Running Advice: Don’t stick to the same old training every year. Mix it up and make adjustments to your training to reach your full potential. Look at your performance and decide what needs work and make the changes to improve the areas that need improvement.