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Q: When is the application deadline?
A: Registration for the 2016 Madison Mini-Marathon & 5K will close on August 17, 2016 or if the maximum combined field of 5,500 participants has been reached. Click here for a paper registration form. All paper registration forms must be post marked by August 10th, 2016.

Q: How do I confirm my entry to the Madison Mini-Marathon?
A: All on-line and mailed registrations will be confirmed via email. You can double check your confirmation by clicking here.  

Q: How do I earn money from referrals?
A: When you register for our race you are given a unique referral link in your email confirmation. You are prompted from the confirmation email to share this link with their friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and email. When someone clicks on your link and registers for the event, the technology recognizes that you referred someone to sign up for the race and automatically credits your Race Roster account with 7% of their registration amount. Once your Race Roster account reaches $25 worth of referrals from our race or any other race on the Race Roster platform, Race Roster will send you a check. You can manage your referrals from your Race Roster dashboard.

Q: What time does the the Mini start?
A: The Mini-Marathon & 5K both start at 7:00 am CST on August 20, 2016.

Q: Is there going to be gun time being used for winners?
A: Age group will be using chip time. Overall winners will be using gun time. 

Q: Where can I get my results for the Madison Mini-Marathon?
A: Results will be posted on the Madison Mini-Marathon website during the event.  A printout of your results can be obtained in the Results Area which is located at the 14th Mile Post-Race Party. Official and archived results are available by clicking here.   

Q: Where do I pick up my packet?
A: Union South
    1308 W. Dayton Street
     Madison, WI 53706

Packet pickup is by last name and you do not need your bib number. For more information, click here

Q: Where do I order my In Training Shirts?
A: Click Here!

Q: Where are the Aid Stations?
A: The 10 Aid Stations are at the following locations: Mile 1.75, Mile 3.25, Mile 4.75, Mile 6.2, Mile 7.5, Mile 8.75, Mile 9.9, Mile 10.75, Mile 11.25, Mile 12.1 along with the start and finish lines.

Q: Are there Misting Stations?
Yes, the Mini will have 5 Misting Stations to keep you cool on the route of the Mini. They are at the following locations: Mile 8.4, Mile 9.5, Mile 10.2, Mile 10.75, Mile 12.2 and the finish line. Misting Stations will only be available if the weather requires. 

Q: What if I can't finish the race?
A: There will be a bus following the last participants of the race. Anyone who cannot finish, or cannot keep up with the 16 minute/mile minimum pace can ride the bus to the Post-race Party Area.

Q: When does the race officially end?
A: Approximately 10:45 am CST.

Q: When I used a GPS to track my run, the distance was a little off. Why is this?
A: GPS devices work by receiving signals from satellites. The quality of different GPS units can vary, but all of them can be affected by conditions such as buildings in urban environments or heavy overhead tree cover that interfere with reception of the satellite signals and can cause them to be inaccurate.

Race courses Certified by USATF are measured by a proven method that incorporates the calibration of measuring devices against a steel tape and are verified by multiple measurements.

Race courses are measured along a well-defined path called the “SPR”—the Shortest Possible Route that a runner can possibly run. Most runners don’t actually run the SPR, so the distance recorded by their GPS device will usually be longer than the certified length of the course, even though the course was properly measured along the SPR according to USATF rules.

Here is an article which helps explain why GPS devices overestimate distnaces.  

Q: Where can I check my gear during the race?
A:  Gear check is provided for all participants, and is located in the Memorial Union.  

Q: How can I get seeded?
A: If you can run a half-marathon distance in 1:50:00 or faster, you can be seeded toward the front of the starting area. You may request seeding after registration with proper proof. You must provide proof in the form of results from a road race that has occurred between August 20, 2015 and July 20, 2016, that is at least a 5K distance. All submissions of seeding proof must be post-marked by July 31, 2016, no exceptions! To submit proof please either email a link to your results at or mail in your results to:

Madison Mini-Marathon Processing Center
Attn: Proof
16851 Southpark Drive, Suite 100
Westfield, IN 46074

Q: Can I defer until next year?
A: Up until the date of the Half Marathon, you may request to defer your registration until 2017 with a doctor's note to prove medical need. There are no refunds for the Half Marathon or 5K events. 

Q: What are the different awards divisions?
A: Awards are ONLY for the half marathon. Multiple age group categories: 10-14; 15-19; 20-24; 25-29; 30-34; 35-39; 40-44; 45-49; 50-54; 55-59; 60-64; 65-69; 70+
In order to be eligible to win an overall award or an age group award, you must run the race your registered and paid for.  If you would like to drop down to a race that is of shorter distance, you must inform customer service and fill out the proper paper work.  You will then be assigned the proper race bib.  If you would like to move up to a longer distance race, you must inform customer service, pay the additional fee and fill out the proper paper work.  You will then be assigned the proper race bib.  You will be ineligible to win an award if you do not follow these procedures prior to the race. You will be mailed 4-6 weeks following the event.

Q: Can someone else pick up my packet for me?
A: Yes. If someone is picking up your packet, please have them provide your photo ID, photocopy of your ID, or confirmation email.   

Q: Can I run in the 5K instead of the Half Marathon?
A: When you pick up your packet, you will be receiving a Half Marathon bib and t-shirt, please go to the Help Desk at Packet Pick-Up and they will re-issue you a 5K bib to use on raceday.  You will receive a medal after finishing which cooresponds to your race bib.  

Q: I have a friend who cannot participate in the event, can I take his/her place?
A: Each participant must have his/her own registration. In the event of an emergency, race official must have emergency contact information on hand, therefore you are NOT allowed to participate using someone else's registration. There are NO exceptions to this policy.  

Q: Can I get a refund or transfer?
A: There are no refunds or transfers for the Half Marathon or 5K events.

Q: What are the race regulations I should follow?
Participants will:   

•     Not be allowed on the course before the official gun start.

•     Be disqualified for starting early.

•     Not participate with another participant's number.

•     Not exchange (by selling or giving away) their bib number.  

•     Not be allowed to move to the Half Marathon if registered for the 5K.

•     Obey all directions by course monitors, police and safety personnel.

Unregistered participants, unauthorized vehicles, bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, in-line skates, strollers, baby joggers, walking poles and animals are prohibited along the course. All race regulations comply with liability insurance requirements and ensure your safety and the fairness of the race. For your safety and the safety of others, please allow room for faster individuals to pass you. If you are running or walking with friends, please do not line up more than two abreast. 

Race officials may cancel, delay or change the race to a non-scored event in case of extreme weather or other conditions that may affect the safety and health of the participants. In the event of cancellation, no refunds will be issued.

Q: What timing system is used?
The Madison Mini-Marathon will utilize the MyLaps Timing System.  The timing device is on the back of your bib, DO NOT REMOVE IT FROM YOUR BIB. Please ensure the following in order to receive an accurate time.

  • Race bib is clearly visible on the front of the torso
  • Race bib is unaltered and unmodified (Do not fold or wrinkle.)
  • Race bib is pinned in all four corners
  • Race bib is not covered (jackets, runner belts, water bottles, etc.)

Q: What is the proper way to affix my bib number?


  • Securely fasten the bib number to the FRONT of your running outfit with the safety pins enclosed in your packet.
  • All bib numbers MUST be visible and worn on the front and outside of clothing at all times during the race.
  • Complete the form on the back of your bib, requesting important medical information.
  • DO NOT alter the bib number in any way.

Q: What are the race guidelines?
Please follow these simple guidelines in order to make your experience more enjoyable:

  • Please start in the corral you are assigned to for the Half Marathon - by doing so you will be starting with others at the same pace as yourself.
  • Remember, the MyLaps Timing device does NOT start until you cross over the starting mats at the Start Line - therefore you don't have to worry about how long it takes for you to get to the Start Line once the race starts.
  • Do not attempt to move up to a faster pace as this will cause problems.
  • There is a 16 minute per mile cut-off pace that you will need to maintain during the event. This pace will not start until the last person has crossed the starting mats.
  • Please DO NOT run/walk more than two abreast and remember to keep to the right side of the road throughout the course.

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