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Nothing to do with the waist-slimming pink soda can made famous in the '60s and 70s.  iTab captures your race day finish on your medal!  A cool new addition for 2016:  


How it works:

  1. Purchase iTab at Registration for $12 (log back into your account if you have already registered).  You can also order post-race (but why wait?).
  2. Race!
  3. Approximately one week after race completion, you will receive an adhesive tab containing your engraved name and race time.  Stick it to the back of your Madison Mini medal, and forever remember the day!



You train hard, and you replay those race days over and over in your see your Madison Mini race day experience on video!  In 2016, Madison Mini participants will be able to capture and envision the day's moments after the day comes to a close thanks to iRewindThey will be producing a FREE, 30-second shareable, personalized video for every participant!  You will also have the option of purchasing a premium version of your personalized downloadable video with extended storage and additional clips in high-def.  THIS IS COOL!  More details coming soon


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