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5K Training

No Boundaries Summer 2015

Fleet Feet Sports and New Balance have partnered to create a nationally recognized, award winning 5K training program. The goal is to get you moving and completing your first 5K in 12 weeks, complete with a detailed training schedule, two coached workouts per week, programs for all levels of walkers and runners, educational seminars, and a great team of motivators. Running and walking for exercise is one of the best lifestyle choices you can make – let us help you get moving!

Whether you’re looking for a routine that fits into your daily life, or you just need a little more accountability to keep you motivated – this is the program for you. With different training plans for walking, interval running, and running there is a pace group for you. In addition, each group workout will include strengthening circuits and stretching to help build a stronger YOU! Choose a pace group when you register and we can always adjust it during the program.

We’re excited to offer TWO No Boundaries programs this summer – one at each of our two locations!

Try it before you buy it!

Saturday, May 16, 2015 @ 8AM

Test-Drive Saturday! We’re so confident you’ll love the program (and find success while you’re at it!) that we will be hosting an event that gives you the opportunity to actually try a No Boundaries workout before the program begins! This morning is for anyone interested AND anyone who is already registered for the program.

Informational Meetings:

  • Fleet Feet Sports Madison 7:15pm, May 20th
  • Fleet Feet Sports Sun Prairie 7:15pm, May 27th

This is the perfect way to get more information, ask questions, and meet the coaches and mentors. If you’ve completed No Boundaries before, invite your friends and let them in on the secret to a great spring!


  • Program Duration:  June 3, 2015 – August 22, 2015
  • Goal Race:  Madison Mini-Marathon 5K on August 22, 2015
  • Registration Deadline: Monday, June 1, 2015

*Race entry is not included in the training program registration.

Program Kick-Off Party:

– Wednesday, June 2, 2015 @ 7:15PM.

The first meeting will be informational. We will run through safety concerns and requirements, program details, and discuss how we can help meet your training needs this season. This is also an excellent opportunity to introduce our coaching and mentoring staff. This will typically last 45 minutes – 1 hr.

First Group Workout:

Saturday, June 6 @ 8AM

Meeting Times & Locations:

No Boundaries WEST:

  • Wednesday @ 6PM: Fleet Feet Sports Madison (8440 Old Sauk Rd)

No Boundaries EAST:

  • Wednesdays @ 6PM: Fleet Feet Sports Sun Prairie (2828 Prairie Lakes Drive)

No Boundaries EAST & WEST TOGETHER: (We will alternate Saturday morning meeting locations every other week

  • Saturdays @ 8AM: Pheasant Branch Conservancy, Middleton, WI
  • Saturdays @ 8AM: Glacial Drumlin State Trail (220 S Main St., Cottage Grove, WI 53527)

While you are welcome to meet at either location, participants are encouraged to choose one location to attend regularly in order to build relationships with fellow training buddies and mentors. Workouts will be the same at each location within a given week.


  • Early Bird Special: $110 (through May 18)

  • Regular Rate: $125 (May 19 – June 1)

  • Late Registration: $140 (after June 2)

Registration: Click Here to Register

















  • Registration Deadline: Saturday, August 26 @ 7:15PM

    *$5 of every registration is donated to Allied Running Club. There is also an option to donate additonal funds when you register.
    *Registration into the goal race is NOT included in your training program registration

    Post Race Party:

    – Wednesday, August 26 @ 7:15PM

    Other Highlights of the Training Program Include:

    • A complete 12-week training program for walkers, run/walkers, and runners. Options based on goals and experience. No matter your pace, there is a place for you!
    • Weekly program newsletters providing motivation, coaching, teaching tips and advice for your training.
    • Strength and Core workouts built into your taining plans.
    • Seminar series to prepare new runners/walkers with knowledge of Good Form Running, nutrition, injury prevention, massage therapy, & core stregthening.
    • 2x/week coached and supported group workouts.
    • Sampling nurition and hydration products.
    • Participant only coupons and discounts.
    • New Balance wear test, promotions, and giceaways.
    • Attendance incentives.
    • No Boundaries team technical shirt earned half-way through the program.
    • Program party after the goals events.
    • Noticeably more energy, better mood, better sleep, less stress, and obvious progress in physical endurance.
    • A supportive enviornment for all abilites that builds lasting camaderie and friendships!


    For more information please email Fleet Feet Madison at: